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Red Tumbler
Maker: New Martinsville Glass Co
Color: Red
Made: 1936-1939
Maker: Cambridge Glass Company
Color: Emerald
Cigarette Holders

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 EducationTable Settings Using Antique & Depression Glass   


Depression glassware  table settings were widely available as premiums from the late 20's until about the end of World War II.  Glass table settings included everything from plates,  bowls, stemware, tumblers,  cups and  saucers, to  creamers and  sugar  bowls, salt  and  pepper  shakers, casserole and other  serving  bowls, platters, pitchers, vases, candlesticks, and other  serving  pieces.

Today's challenge for the various antique, Depression and other collectible glass clubs and dealers is to find ways to educate the  general  public on ways to incorporate their inherited, purchased, or otherwise collected pieces into  table settings  or displays that can be appreciated by all generations.

It is too often thought that antique and Depression glass was only for the elite or that it should was something to find in a museum or antique shop to look at and not touch, or, worse yet, packed away in boxes in attics, basements, garages, and other storage areas until time to dispose of in someone's garage or estate sale. 

This page will provide some examples of how you can incorporate antique, Depression, and other collectible glass into today's lifestyle, whether traditional, contemporary, or modern, for everyday or special occasion table use, or displays that accent your appreciation of a great American art form from important periods in our history. 

Most of the examples that will be featured on this page will be provided by our own members or individuals in our glass club circle.  

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