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cambridge glass swan
Cambridge 3 part Eagle Relish Dish
Color: Blue

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  • Depression Glass refers to glassware that was produced during the Great Depression Era (1929-1940).


  • This mass-produced, "machine made" glass was relatively inexpensive and was often given away as premiums at gas stations and other stores, packed inside products such as tea, oats, and soap powder, or sold at a very modest price in dime stores.


  • It was produced in patterns and colors that mimicked the elegant  glass of better quality that was being made by several of the companies and sold in the finer stores.


  • Depression Glass was designed to help lift the spirits of the middle to lower income families during a difficult time in our history. 


Glassware from this period, both  Depression  and  Elegant, has become very collectible and sought after by people of all ages. The appreciation in value has been phenomenal for some of the more desirable or rare items, and the craftsmanship has earned a place as a true art form, worthy of preservation as a part of American history.

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