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Monday, September 28, 2009:  "Carnival  Glass" with Ken and Elaine Palmer

The  educational  program for the regularly scheduled meeting of Monday, September 28, 2009 was presented by Ken and Elaine Palmer on the history and collecting of  Carnival   glass. 

Ken and Elaine have been avid collectors of  Carnival  glass for about 20 years, ever since being introduced to the personal collection of close friends and fellow  Depression   Glass  Club members, Judy and Richard Clardy of Midland City, Alabama.  Ken readily admits that he had no fondness of  Carnival  glass until he saw Judy and Richard's displayed collection, then it was like a spell had been cast over Elaine and him, that has grown into their own quest and impressive collection.

Ken provided a history of the various glass makers and details about the process involved with achieving the look that distinguised  Carnival  glass from other types of glass.  Using a handheld light, he showed the various base glass colors and patterns that were used for applying the sprayed mineral solution that produced the irradized look of the glass. 

Ken and Elaine provided helpful tips about collecting, determining value, reissues, and the delicate care of  Carnival  glass before answering questions from the audience.

Elaine & Ken Palmer with display of several pieces of their  Carnival  glass collection during the  education  program at the Depression  Glass  Club of Northeast Florida's regular meeting of September 28, 2009. 

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