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 EducationCollecting Antique & Depression Glass   
Questions to ask before starting an Antique or Depression Glass collection
  • Have I learned enough to know what I’m buying?
  • Has the pattern I've chosen to collect been reproduced?
  • Do I understand the issues relating to condition, which can diminish the value of Depression glass?
  • Do I know how to examine glassware for damage?

Resources for learning to recognize reproductions

Dealing with conditions issues
  • Determining when glass is in excellent to “mint-condition”. 
  • Determining if glass is repaired, scratched, chipped, cracked, or flawed. 
  • Are flaws and imperfections ever acceptable?
  • What about excessive wear from use?
  • What is “sick” or dirty glass? 
    • A dirty-looking, cloudy condition issue permanently etched into glass, by wear and washing, especially with automatic dishwashing  detergents and water left for long periods of time in, on or around glass, that irreversibly damages glassware by dulling its finish;
    • Dirty or “sick” glass condition cannot be reversed and should be avoided as it makes most pieces virtually worthless for resale.
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