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CDG 2018 Monthly Events Calendar






January 22nd

Tailgate Party Foods

Slide Presentation on Heisey Glass from the 2017 Annual Show & Sale by Pete LaComb.

February 26th

Our "go to" Foods We Love


Our Annual Cake & Pie Auction.  Please bring a baked goods item to donate to the auction.  Funds go toward the Annual Show expenses.

March 26th

Mystery ingredients from our Easter Basket:

§  Eggs,

§  carrots,

§  ham,

§  lamb,

§  potatoes, 

§  Paska bread,

§  hot crossed buns,

§  chocolate bunnies,

§  jelly beans

§  peeps 

Your dish must be or must contain at least one of these ingredients...or you might get chopped! 

Sue Holley & Lee LaComb will continue the Easter theme with their "Bunny Trail" display of rabbits, candy dishes, and other Easter associated items.


Please feel free to bring an item to contribute to the themed display or to share during our Show & Tell session. 


April 23rd

"Salad Bar Buffet" to include fresh fruits, vegetables, and other salad bar foods, such as tuna, chicken, or egg salads.  

Our Tentative Program will be a Flower Arranging session with Rose Jackson.  Watch for updates and further information in your email notice prior to the meeting date.

May ?

Annual Family Picnic


June 25th

It's "Pot Luck" for our Food Theme tonight.

Elaine Watson will present a program on "Collectible Buttons" 

July 23rd

SURPRISE!  It’s a “Birthday Party” food themed night.  Finger foods, appetizers, cake & ice cream as we honor one of our members that turns 100 in July!

The program will feature glass items that are at least 100 years old.  Go check out your collection to see what you might have that’s been around that long.

August 27th

Time for our “Oriental Buffet” night!

Also time for our Chinese Auction.  Hope you have been saving your items to donate for our fundraiser.  Also a chance to obtain some nice items.

September 24th

“Soup & Sandwich”

Presented by Ron Moore

October 22nd


"Black Glass" with Sue Holley

November 19th

 Let's do "Breakfast for Dinner" tonight!  

Chuck Carroll will present a program on his visit to the Corning Glass Museum

December 14th

Annual Holiday Party at 6:00 p.m.




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